Cipher Projects

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An API powered by a neural network model trained to recognize handwritten text from images

Currency Analyzer

To build a model to identify and classify Indian Currency bills into 10 Rs note, 20 Rs note, 50 Rs note and so on. The model will be built using convolutional neural networks and image processing techniques.


To build a bot which would reply to our questions and make simple conversations.

Human Activity Recognition

This project is to build a model that predicts the human activities such as Walking, Walking_Upstairs, Walking_Downstairs, Sitting, Standing or Laying using the data recorded through accelerometer and gyroscope sensors.

Pose Correction - AI Trainer

An intelligent system for workout posture evaluation with Ensemble Deep Neural Models. It assists the user by providing feedback regarding if the workout posture for a given workout is correct or not.

The VR Project

A method to convert the given 2D sketch of the structure into a full fledged 3D structure which is ready to be experienced in VR.

Tic-Tac-Toe AI Player