2019 Recruitment FAQs and Details

Do I need to take different recruitment tests if I want to interview for different SIGs?

Yes. Every SIG has a different online screening test, except for the general aptitude/reasoning sections. For instance, if you want to apply for both Cipher and Rovisp, you are required to take both tests in a row.

I was a part of the IET SMP conducted during the summer. Do I need to write the recruitment test?

If you have submitted every assignment, project, report etc. that were given to you, you are eligible to be called for direct interviews without going through the hassle of screening tests. Please contact your mentors to know about your eligibility.

I have successfully completed an SMP under Cipher. Am I eligible for a direct interview under Rovisp/Torsion?

You’re allowed to interview only for the SIG that housed your SMP. You’ll have to take the online tests for the other SIGs, if you wish to apply for them.

How many people do you plan to recruit this year?

Our targeted numbers are around 15 per SIG. It can vary depending on various factors.

I’m a third year student. Am I eligible to apply?

We’re open primarily for second years. But if you make a strong case, we don’t mind taking you in. You’ll have to go through the same process as second year students though. Note that we are not open for students from final year B.Tech and other non-B.Tech programs.

I belong to a non-CS/IT branch. Can I still apply for Cipher SIG?

We don’t mind your branch as long as you have the expected skills. All our SIGs are open for all branches.

Does my CGPA matter in the recruitments?

We don’t care about your CGPA. A high CGPA doesn’t guarantee a place among us and a low CGPA doesn’t affect your candidacy.

Can I take a written (pen and paper) test instead of the online test?

No you cannot.

I’m busy during the test slot. Is it possible to hold the test another day for me?

We find the idea undesirable.

How many rounds of interviews are conducted?

We have three rounds of interviews.

What if I miss to show up for a slotted interview? Will I be given another chance?

Once you are shortlisted and informed about your slot, we expect you to be there right on time or before. No exceptions to this policy are allowed.
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