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One Step to Bucket List Journey

21 January 2021 by  Laksh Sadhwani

I remember this trip was during the winter vacations when I was in grade 11th. My family decided to go to Shimla .

Is Handwriting a dying art?

10 January 2021 by  Rameshwar Dhakad

Cast your mind back to the most recent thing you’ve written. Maybe it was a document for work, a message to a friend, email to your professor or a simple shopping list. Did you use a pen? Or did you type it? Or did you use ctrl+c then ctrl+v ? or used voice typing?

Snap what you feel

22 December 2020 by  Nikitha Garapati

The ability to capture the memorable moments with a device is the best invention of the mankind. And not all photographs require a DSLR camera. Many people today believe that mobile camera is good enough for most photography needs. And they are not wrong. A mobile camera is sufficient for most our needs. They are quicker, easier to carry and use.

Birds that fly in v-formation use amazing tricks!

20 October 2020 by  Sagar Ror

“Use what talents you have; the woods would have little music if no bird sang their song except those who sang best” - Reverand Oliver G Wilson.

Effect of technology on rights and freedoms of the queer community

29 June 2020 by  Feyaz Baker

Exploring how technology has affected the queer community

Analysis of Batman

08 January 2020 by  Feyaz Baker

Exploring one of the most popular characters ever.

Competitive Programming as a Sport

30 December 2018 by  Vichitr Gandas

Exploring and understanding competitive programming.

Audio Production

22 December 2018 by  Vichitr Gandas

How is music produced?

Who Owns the Internet

16 December 2018 by  Vichitr Gandas

Ever thought how internet comes to you? How you are connected to different websites?

The Future of Automotive Industry

08 December 2018 by  Vichitr Gandas

What lies in the future of automotive industry?